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6 Ways to Accommodate LARPers with Chronic Illnesses

Live action role play has changed considerably for me over the years. In addition to attending a wider variety of

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The Force of Feedback: Tips for LARP Organizers and Players

Written with Joe Hines A LARP can be an experience, a work of art, a competitive game, or all of the above. A

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Barash & Skessa Orcs

Barash & Skessa Orcs -- Larp Inspiration Photos!

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Costuming 'A Tale of Benjen Stark': Dracolite

Recently we had the chance to speak to the makers of the costuming in 'A Tale of Benjen Stark', and learn the story of their one-of-a-kind shop.

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Larp As a Full Contact Sport

As physical and dangerous as larping can be, it's a wonder larp isn't considered a sport. How should you handle player injuries at a full contact larp?

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