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My Life in LARP: A timeline of LARP for the “Oregon Trail Generation”

Pre 1999: I was a latchkey kid raised on TV, movies and about normal people transported to magic realms (D&D

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14 Myths (and Truths) About Larping

Whether you’re a veteran larper or new to the hobby, you’ve likely been exposed to the many myths about larping from other gamers and some films about live action role play. In truth, ‘larp’ encompasses a variety of experiences and styles, so even the truest of stereotypes only apply to a limited amount of larps.

So what are these myths and how do we move past them? Let’s take a lighthearted look at the facts. (more…)

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Looking for Larpers with Too Much Stuff!

If you've got stuff, they've got a commercial for you!

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Choosing the Right Larp (and unit) for You

Your first time at a larp is exciting, but what should you consider when picking a game? Once you've found one, how do you choose the right unit or group?

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Looking for Larpers who Love Democracy!

Do you love LARP? Do you love the democratic process? All3media, (creators of Undercover Boss), is casting for a

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