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Larping in 2020: 5 People Doing Incredible Things

Larping in 2020 ain't easy...The last six months have not been favorable to a hobby that by definition requires

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Choosing the Right Larp (and unit) for You

Your first time at a larp is exciting, but what should you consider when picking a game? Once you've found one, how do you choose the right unit or group?

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Three Tips for Attending a LARP Alone

Interested in trying out larping or going to a new larp but your friends aren't? Here are three great tips on successfully attending a larp alone.

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Respect Your New Players

Like any project, after many years of playing a larp it is easy to become too close to it and have trouble stepping

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Treasure Trapped: A Larp Documentary Kickstarter

You’ve heard of The Hobbit. You’ve heard of Game of Thrones. You’ve even heard of World of Warcraft. But what about

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