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Larpers: A New Show.

Today we have a very special post from the guys over at @larpersTV who have been hard at work creating a new show

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LARP: The Battle for Verona

Earlier this week a very interesting thing was brought to our attention. What is it you ask? Well, it's a book,

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Top 5 Reasons larpers are NOT undateable

In the last few weeks it's become quite fashionable to bash larpers for being socially awkward, weird, and

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A Hawk and a Hacksaw - Cerventine

A Larping Music Video Every once in a while something comes along and blows you away. This is how I felt with A

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Larping in the media: Seven-Eleven Commercial

The media is slowly, but surely, beginning to notice the ever growing culture of larping in America and around the

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