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Conquest of Mythodea Photos: The Untotes Fleisch

Undoubtedly one of the most well known and respected photographers at The ConQuest of Mythodea, “Paddy Mac” has done it again this year with a collection of chilling photos of the undead horde known as “The Untotes Fleisch”.

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Empire 2013 Photos Part 1

Empire is a deep, rich, visually stimulating larp in the UK. Check out these great photos from Empire 2013 by GJC Photography.

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Daily Larp Inspiration: Larp Armor

Larp Armor When you enter into your larp's world, make sure you look your best! Here's some great examples of larp

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Avegost - Photos of A Full Immersion Larp in Georgia

Avegost is a high-immersion, medieval fantasy setting larp located in Waycross Georgia. This week we'll be taking a look at this unique larp.

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