The College of Wizardry team wants to crowdfund an actual castle!

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Editor’s Note: The text below is a note from Claus Raasted, who can also be seen in the pitch video on the Indiegogo page. Be sure to check out the other posts we’ve done on College of Wizardry. 

Zoolander 2 2016 live streaming film

Last November, the Polish/Danish larp College of Wizardry tore up certain areas of the internet. Their short 1:41 min promo video got more than a million views on youtube and the tickets to the April session sold out in 90 seconds. Due to an agreement with Warner Bros about creating an original story world to run CoW in (WB were fine with the first CoW event, but asked that the two April larps were the last ones to be held in the HP world due to branding concerns), the future of CoW is about to be decided. Since no-one really knows how much of the hype was due to the experience itself and how much was due to the HP name, the CoW team is sending out a feeler in the form of a crowdfunding campaign. The modest goal is to raise 50.000$ to run one more larp (in November 2015). The more dream is to raise a million dollars and buy a castle in Poland! Not Czocha (which is WAY more expensive), but a smaller castle.

Zoolander 2 2016 live streaming film

After the success of the first CoW LARP, the team behind it has gone to do not only more CoW, but also other wild projects. Their team recently announced a Downton Abbey inspired LARP coming later this year (, and larps set in the 1832 Paris Revolution and an 1800’s Vampire: The Masquerade are in the making. While CoW was – according to its participants – a great LARP, the really mind-blowing thing about it was that it managed to get so much positive press. Not only from Danish media (who were interested, but not THAT interested), but from a LOT of international media as well. And that was really something, because there are a lot of countries out there whereLARP doesn’t have the positive image it does in Denmark. Of course, this won’t solveLARP’s image problem overnight, but it’s a step in the right direction.
What’s next from the CoW team? Well, let’s see if they manage to get that castle!


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