The Four Stages for LARP Packing

Have you begun packing for a larp event and need help preparing for the emotional labor of maybe forgetting something? Michael Kollen lists his four stages of larp packing!

1) Denial

You have plenty of time to prepare. What are you worried about? Game is over a month away.
There’s plenty of kit in your closet, and you have more than enough time to purchase
everything you need from Etsy, Epic Armoury, or your favorite LARP shop. There is no need to
worry. There is no war in Ba Sing Se.

2) Panic

WELL, it turns out it takes at least four months for that tunic you NEED to be mailed to you from
f***ing Slovenia, nothing in your closet matches for your LARP, and you are deathly afraid that
the list of what you need is shorter than the things you don’t KNOW you need. Your bag is also
somehow overstuffed and you will definitely be charged for oversized luggage. You have
lowered your own bar, insulted your ancestors, and are now laying in a puddle next to your
boffers, wondering where you went wrong (hint: it has something to do with Stage 1).

3) Eye of the Tiger

It’s two days before you fly out for that big event, and you’ve somehow entered a perpetual
state of Matrix-esque bullet-time. You pulled out bits of kit from three different LARPs to form
the foundation of your outfit. In a fit of insomnia, you sewed your own cloak. You’ve read the
ancient scrolls, studied the ways of random packing tutorial Youtubers, and realized that you
CAN wear chainmail on an aircraft. You are ready for the flight. You are ready for anything.

4) You Still Forgot Something

It was a beach towel. Or maybe not enough pants. You realize with a sense of liberating defeat
that you can’t remember EVERYTHING. Hopefully it’s something you can grab at a local
convenience store, or something you can you can borrow from a generous fellow player. In the
end, you realize that it doesn’t matter as much, though. You’re there to have a fun time, along
with everyone. So have a blast, forget your worries, enjoy the game, and watch the cycle
continue as you travel out for your next game.


Article by Michael Kollen

Guest writer for

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