2014 Larp Census


Last year we took on the task of collecting information about the larp community around the world. Our hope was to find out on a global scale how many and what types of people are larping. We learned a lot from the results and even more from the process of creating the questions and putting them live on the internet. Would you believe that there are wide ranging differences between groups of people across the globe!? We found out that larpers are very different from place to place, but they are also very similar.

What do you think of the data? Surprising? Just as you thought?

What would you do different next year? Tell us in the comments.

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  1. dr. mosh September 26, 2014 Subscriber

    Im looking for a larping group in upstate ny, over near albany area. If someone could please guild me to a larping group i would be most happy with a release.

    • Jordan September 26, 2014 Administrator

      Hi Dr. Mosh — Have you checked our Larp List?

    • Benjamin schaeffer September 29, 2014 Subscriber

      Dr. Mosh. I’m in upstate NY. I live in clifton park. I’m starting a group and I would love to have you come! Email fallenrocklarp@gmail.com for more info

    • ahmetamodor September 29, 2014 Subscriber

      Hey Dr mosh I am a Larper living in clifton park NY. Im very close to you. I’m starting a larp group. Email me at fallenrocklarp@gmail.com for more details. I would love for you to come join

  2. iamthereplicant September 26, 2014 Subscriber

    Thanks for doing this! If you could release the data set that would be super cool

  3. mistyshadowrunner September 28, 2014 Subscriber

    i live in san diego and want to go larping. where can i go and how do i get all of the information that i need.

    • Jordan September 29, 2014 Administrator

      Check out our Larp List. Visit the pages of larps in your area that you find interesting and then check out their website for full information.

  4. David October 2, 2014 Subscriber

    Extremely interesting results. The “Where do you hail” question did not turn out as I would have expected among the States. A lot of responses in California, but you don’t see that many larger events here in California like you do on the East Coast. Is there a possible explanation for this?

    Did the survey get a lot of exposure in California?

    Is California just way too expensive, so big events are more difficult?

    I know SCA is huge in California, more popular than LARP as far as I can tell, perhaps there are SCA respondents in the mix?

    Very curious.

    • Jordan October 2, 2014 Administrator

      Hi David — There is a lot of larp activity in California, but not a lot of large scale events. I don’t think the survey got a larger amount of exposure in California than anywhere else. I think there are a lot of larpers in CA that may be part of alternative types of games.

  5. Aaron Vanek October 3, 2014 Subscriber

    We launched our Larp Census (what I always wanted it to be; it just took three years) here: http://larpcensus.org

    We’ll probably reach 10,000 responses in the first 48 hours.

    Our census:
    Has been vetted by larp scholars from around the world.
    Protects your privacy.
    We do not require your email; it is optional if you want to provide it, and then, only to get updates on the census.
    Is available in 14 languages (we’re adding another in a few weeks)
    Is not biased towards any kind of larp style or genre.
    Is not biased towards American larpers.
    Is mostly full of optional questions–only six are required, and it takes but a minute to fill those out.
    The raw data will be made available via Creative Commons.


  6. Fair Escape October 5, 2014 Subscriber

    FYI for anyone having difficulty getting the infographic to load — I tried Google Chrome and Internet Explorer, neither worked, but it worked on Firefox.

    • Jordan October 6, 2014 Administrator

      That’s strange! I made it on Chrome and have had it work every time. Sorry you had trouble!

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