The Stop-Ax: The Amazing Post Apocalyptic Weapon You didn't know you needed

One of my favorite places to go for inspiration is the Plastidip artists group on Facebook. It’s a community of 2,500+ of the most insanely talented folks around that are always making great weapons, shields and armor. But, what they’re even better at than making stuff is helping others make great stuff. These folks are always willing to give a helping hand.

When I stumbled upon this incredible Stop-Ax I had to get it out for you all to feast your eyes upon. Tell me you don’t want to mow down zombie hordes with this gruesome death-dealer.

Note from the artist: 

My name is Brandon Challies and I’m heading a New England Area Supernatural-Apocalypse called Outpost in 2015. Check out and feel free to join our facebook group The Outpost. My inspiration for the Stop-Ax came from the setting in our LARP. Weapons aren’t so easy to come by after the world ends and you need to use what you can so why not serrate a stop sign and carve an ax head in for style?

Stop Sign Ax close
The detail is perfect. Just enough wear.

Stop Sign Ax front
How many stop puns can you make?

Stop Sign Ax wide
The reach is splendid. No one is getting close to you with this thing.

Stop Sign Ax wide
The back even looks like a real stop sign.

Stop Sign Ax
This thing has seen some action.

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