The Trailer for Hinderland is desolate and beautiful.

The Beginning of the End:

From the Hinterland Website:

The War strikes Sweden on mid summer, 2013. A massive bombing campaign is soon followed by Russian invasion. The defence is doomed from the start and the NATO support is short-lived and insufficient. As the country is thrown into anarchy, chaos and death, the only things left is the desperate struggle for survival and the search for refuge.

Imagine losing everything – friends, family, acquaintances, work, home and possessions. Your life is now centred on finding drinkable water, something to eat, somewhere to keep warm, a roof over your head – somewhere safe. Sweden is a dark, cold country and you are just a number in the statistics.

You end up in a refugee camp somewhere in Sweden. In draughty barracks and leaking tents you persevere and survive in spite of food shortage and no health care, as this is dedicated to the military and the few government agents in charge of the camp. You share a small tent with strangers, some of them ill, some apathetic from fear and sorrow, others furious and aggressive. Violence and the threat of violence become everyday occurrences – if not from other refugees, it’s the guards who are using military discipline to keep the escalating humanitarian disaster in check.

The disease reaches your camp in 2016. The sick are kept in isolation, first just a few tents, but the numbers quickly grow to fill whole sectors of the camp. More and more people succumb to the disease. You suddenly find yourself in an epidemic.

You wake one morning to realize that the guards have abandoned camp. The gates are open.Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

With faltering steps you climb the piles of corpses to escape the camp that has been your home during the War.

This is Hinterland. The year is 2016. Three years after the Bang.

There is a great trend of really well done trailers for larps right now and we’re big fans for the workmanship and artistry that is going into setting the stage and expectations for players who will be attending these games!

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  1. Sebastian Utbult March 3, 2015 Subscriber

    Thanks for spreading our trailer 🙂 But it looks as if you’ve google translated the swedish text into english? There’s a better english translation at 😀

    • Jordan March 3, 2015 Administrator

      Again, my bad, I thought I had used the english version!

      • Sebastian Utbult March 3, 2015 Subscriber

        No worries, and thanks for the article! 🙂

      • Jordan March 3, 2015 Administrator

        Yeah, you’re welcome! We’d love to feature it again after the event. It looks amazing, and something I’d personally love to participate in. If only Sweden weren’t so far!

  2. Olle March 3, 2015 Subscriber

    You could use text from the english part of the website, instead of google-translating 😉 Also, check out our photo-shoot for the larp. Can be found at the web page.


    • Jordan March 3, 2015 Administrator

      Sorry guys! I thought I had used the english version of the website, I’ll definitely get that updated!

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