Three Tips for Attending a LARP Alone

Have you ever attended a larp alone? It’s kind of like going to the movies alone – there’s a stigma about it, and most people feel a bit too intimidated to do it. However, it’s a perfectly acceptable thing to do, especially if you’re new to larping and your friends aren’t interested in joining you.


Show up early – but not too early

I attended my first game because I already loved RPGs and sci-fi/fantasy. The guy I was dating suggested it (I ended up marrying him!), but since he was on staff at the game, I didn’t see him for more than five minutes when he disappeared to set up. This left me chatting with a bunch of strangers, out of game, for several hours before the game began. In retrospect, I wish I would have shown up about an hour before the beginning of the Larping alonegame.  An hour or two allows for the right amount of socialization. There’s also plenty of time to check in and get dressed if you haven’t arrived in costume.

Create a social character

When you make your character, make one who is as social as you feel comfortable being. Making a highly social character was one of the best things I ever did at a larp. It’s very easy for her to stay up on current information and she’s rarely left out of anything.

Chat online

Scope out a game online before you go to it. Hang out in the forums or the game’s chatroom. You might feel more comfortable at the game if you are already ‘friends’ with people who play it. This should help you feel more comfortable going to a game, since you’re not really going ‘alone.’


Do you have any other tips or suggestions for heading to a LARP by yourself? If so, please leave them in the comments section below.

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