Top 5 Reasons larpers are NOT undateable

Larper guy
This is not representative of larpers...

In the last few weeks it’s become quite fashionable to bash larpers for being socially awkward, weird, and generally all manners of retarded. A quick google or twitter search of larp or larping will undoubtedly bring a host of bashings from the likes of middle school girls on up to celebrities of all statuses. What’s curious about this, besides it just being bigotry, is that larping is becoming more and more popular all the time. I hardly need to list all of the pop-culture references that larping receives almost constantly, but here’s just a few: the upcoming movie “Knights of Badassdom”, Role Models, tons of video game trailers, and Degrassi the Teen Nick show that has had larping in it for years.

Most importantly what you see on internet lists and TV is not representative of most larpers. For instance the picture above. It’s just ridiculous. Larpers are deep, passionate people that would make great boyfriends and husbands.

Without further ado, here are the “Top 5 Reasons Larpers are NOT undateable:

  1. Larpers are willing to spend a romantic weekend fighting to the death for their lady’s honor.

  2. Larpers know how to use +1 boffers that can be used for something different than medieval combat…

  3. Larpers always look their best & are willing to dress up for more than just the high council meeting.

  4. Women like men with power right? Larpers have ninth level death spells!

  5. Larpers have a better imagination than most and are thus creative & thoughtful and thus make better partners.

  6. What would you add? Chime in on the conversation on with us @Larpingorg with the hashtags #larping and #undateable.

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