Tosh.O Web Redemption: The Larper

The Larper

Today’s “Larping in the media” comes from none other than comedian Daniel Tosh from his show Tosh.O. The video clip you will find below comes from his ongoing series “Web Redemption”. In this series he invites an internet celebrity or group on to redeem themselves from their internet stardom. Today’s celebrity is none other than the most infamous larper of all time. That’s right, the Lightning Bolt Guy. He’s most people’s introduction to Larping. It’s the video of him chucking lightning bolt spells at an ogre. Tosh decides to have him on the show, interview him, and then redeem him like no larper before. Check out the video:

The Larper Interview

I stumbled onto this clip from Twitter and expected the worst. I’ve been a fan of Daniel Tosh for quite some time, but was really unsure of what to expect from him interviewing and “redeeming” a larper. When he walks in wearing the furry costume I thought my fears were correct. But they weren’t. What I found was a hilarious, but fair interview of a real life, very average larper. It was refreshing, insightful and a lot of fun to watch. Tosh asks Brandon (the lightning bolt larper) very honest questions, pokes a little bit of fun, and is very fair to larping in general.

The Larper Redeemed!

It may be a biased thing to say, but out of all the Web Redemptions I’ve seen so far, I think the larper gets the best redemption of them all. To start he’s trained by a joke-of-a-sensei. Which was kind of lame. But getting to beat the crap out of the knights from what looks like Medieval Times is just straight bad-ass. The scene was filmed well, Brandon fights for his life dodging weapons, cutting down evil knights and finishes off the last enemy in style. Then the dark rider appears out of the mist and rides towards him. So, what does the Larper do? Turn to his trusty magic spells of course. However, he finds out that mere callouts of “Lightning Bolt!” followed by a flying bird seed packet will NOT cut it! Oh, no. He has to use real-life CGI magic to defeat this knight. He musters up all his magic and screams “Lightning Bolt!” as blue electric magic streams from his hands. (At this point point I was laughing hysterically and wanted to cheer). Then to finish it all off, he gets the wench and walks away victorious. Not before Tosh cracks a joke and the knights get up and they all go grab some lunch. The Larper is redeemed, indeed.

Closing thoughts on The Larper Redeemed

Overall Tosh.O’s Web Redemption: The Larper gives a very fair treatment to not only Brandon and his throwing of lightning bolts, but also to larping in general. His questions to Brandon are fair and hilarious, kind of the way that larping is at the end of the day. I felt that he poked enough fun at larping that it was funny, but not too much that it was unfair, which is usually the problem. The only thing in the entire video that puts larping in a bad light is the original video. Thanks to Tosh for giving larping a chance and being willing to show the difference between larping and furries. Lastly, it’s worth watching the extended video which goes through the whole interview.

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