Østerskov Efterskole - there's no place like it! [Treasure Trapped Update!]

The travelling blues have kicked in. Our ‘noble steed’, the Wicked campervan, has returned home to be with his friends. All the equipment is back in storage. It can only mean one thing – Denmark has been and gone. We are back in sunny Manchester now. Therefore, let’s reflect on a highly enlightening and enjoyable trip to Østerskov Efterskole, the only school in the world to teach through role-play.


We only had a short stay in Hobro, so time was of the essence, but I can tell you now, no second went to waste. It was all go from the beginning; filming from breakfast to bedtime. Østerskov Efterskole is such a unique school and the kids are bursting with enthusiasm, so we didn’t want to miss a thing. Our stay in the school coincided with ‘Wall Street week’, a themed week to help the kids learn about economics and mathematics in a fun way. So, as bizarre as it sounds, we filmed a lot of children dressed up in suits, completing business deals in the corridor. Never has the idiom ‘look the part, be the part’ been more pertinent. As well as capturing class lessons, we interviewed teachers, pupils and even the school nurse. After dinner, the children are free to do whatever they want, so this was particularly fun and challenging to film. Some would LARP with friends, some would play board or computer games, and some would just hang out with friends. Our time at the school was short but sweet; we wish we could have stayed a bit longer! It was really eye-opening seeing how alternative education works, and specifically how LARP can help teach! All of our crew would like to thank everybody at Østerskov Efterskole for being so hospitable and welcoming. We arrived as strangers and left as friends.

Here are some screenshots from the Denmark shoot for your eyes only. This is what you’ve got to look forward to:
larp school
larp school
larp school
larp school
larp school
larp school

What does our team now know about Denmark? How have our impressions changed? What have we learnt? It is time to follow up the original feature, and quiz our team on their opinions of Denmark.

Alex (Director): Their education system is pretty amazing, the Danes are the nicest people I’ve ever met, the food is amazing, the language is seriously difficult to pronounce and I wish I was back there!
Shona (Assistant Director): What do I know? Hmm…a great deal more swear words, an unpronounceable pudding name that’s kind of a porridge, the people are amazing and so welcoming and instead of clapping agreement with something, you have to shake your hands in the air in silence…beautiful country.
Sophie (Production Assistant): I would say Denmark is a home from home but with less cynicism, more well rounded opinions and perhaps even better English. Although they do enjoy mustard and beige food a bit too much for my liking.
Charlotte (Production Assistant): Having now visited Denmark, I can say that the Danes are friendly, there’s nice countryside, the transport is efficient and their pace of life seems slower and relaxed.
Mike (Writer): They know how to make a damn fine cup of coffee. They also make pretty awesome broths. I don’t know why I’m fixated on the food and drink, but apparently I am.
Leigh (Editor): Denmark is a beautiful country and it was a shame we didn’t get to see more of it. Osterskov Efterskole was a fantastic place to visit for TT, and all the the students and staff were a pleasure to meet!

Unfortunately, Linda (Producer) and Joe (Production Assistant) couldn’t make it to Denmark, hence why they have been left out.

What’s next then? Treasure Trapped has now entered post-production, so Leigh, our editor, is very busy at work. We have a few more things to film – some interviews and an EPIC BATTLE SCENE. Very exciting indeed. So keep your eyes peeled for the next blog which will cover the planning process for the battle scene.deeo.ruсайтаtopod.inвзлом вай фай скачать бесплатносумка для macbook air 11кредитные карты хоум кредит банка процентыcasino online cypruswhats a female escortonline casino turkceCasino shareвосхождение на килиманджаро 30 04зебра фитнес клуб на люблинской

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