Treasure Trapped: Preparing for an invasion

So for those that don’t know we’ve recently been out in Denmark filming a school for our documentary – a school that teaches through LARP!

Before we tell you all about it let’s bring you up to speed with this recent blog post that was an exclusive for our Kickstarter backers and shows how we prepped for our trip…

D-day is tomorrow! Excitement is building and the packing is almost finished.

The original plan to have two cars in convoy driving all the way to Denmark has been scrapped. Two has become one. Five Cosmic Jokers will squeeze into a beautiful Wicked campervan and make the 14+ hour journey from London to Hobro. This epic expedition will take them across the English channel and through four different countries before reaching the promised land – Denmark!

The other Cosmic Jokers will be taking to the skies. In the early hours of Tuesday morning, myself and three others will be taking off from London Stansted Airport for Billund Airport. From there, we will get a bus to Hobro where will be reunited with the rest of team. Imagine the scene! It will be a beautiful moment. I will try and take a picture!

So, as promised, here is a feature called ‘What does our team know about Denmark?’. I know you all have been waiting for this eagerly. Basically, I asked the Cosmic Joke team about their knowledge of Denmark, in order to reveal our ignorance and so everybody could have a laugh (please don’t take offense). Without further ado, here are the answers from some of the team:

Alex: Right let’s have a think…it’s full of bacon, the police wear a lot of trendy woolly jumpers, it has a place in it called lol land…don’t know how funny it actually is there and they probably make the best lager in the world…probably.
Shona: They used to be Vikings…maybe they still are? Tak is thank you. They eat more pasta than any other country in Europe. They brew Carlsberg, allegedly the best lager in the world and whilst Carlsberg might not do documentaries, if they did, they’d do Treasure Trapped.
Linda: Well there’s the Little Mermaid statue (based on Anderson’s story as he was Danish) by the sea in Copenhagen which unfortunately I didn’t have time to see when I was there as we had a connection flight to Paris. The ‘real’ one did wave at me the day after in Disneyland Paris though.
Joe: Apparently the money looks like polos because it has a hole in the middle.
Charlotte: Denmark is home to the oldest theme park in the world and big on folklore, it has the statue of the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen based on the fairy tale by Hans Christian Andersen. Unfortunately, I don’t know much more about Denmark that isn’t really obvious.
Sophie: My knowledge of Denmark is embarrassingly poor and not particularly funny, but according to my sister apparently Denmark is the tallest nation in the world. Could be down to all those open sandwiches.
Mike: They eat a lot of bacon.

There you have it, folks! According to our team, Denmark is a place of Carlsberg, pasta, bacon, and trendy policemen. The policemen do seem pretty hip (see photo above).

So there you have it folks…they were our innocent words before we set off! Next time well share all the happenings from our trip but for now tak for læsning! For anybody who doesn’t know Danish, that means ‘thank you for reading’. Cheers!

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