Announcing the United Southeastern Europe Larpers

United Southeastern Europe Larpers
At the beginning of this year larpers from Bulgaria, Croatia and Serbia started a joint project
called the United Southeastern Europe Larpers (USEL) by making a Facebook Page where they could introduce their larp organizations, share info about their events and hang out. So far, the page has more than 260 followers, which is a good reaching number concerning the number of players in those countries.

This month we started an official webpage with the idea of making it a place interesting not only to the players who are members of USEL but also to all other larpers around the world. In one hand, at this site, players can share their experience from the events they have been to, promote larp events that are held in their countries, share their know-how on crafting things for larp etc. On the other hand, USEL functions not only as a place to inform members about the events, but also as joint promotion of larp events of members on the global larp scene.

The content is slowly but steadily building up; not only members but all other larpers are
invited to write for USEL and help it grow. We are very excited to see how it will look in 6
months from now, since larpers from other countries are also interested in joining, and we
are considering making bigger projects not necessarily just for larp events.

If you like the idea, you can follow USEL also on Twitter,
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  1. Ivar August 14, 2012 Subscriber

    Hi, just wanted to say that the first 2 links are broken… they should be:


    • Jordan August 15, 2012 Administrator

      Ivar, thanks for the heads up. Oversight on our part.

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