Behold The Warhammer Larp of Your Dreams!

Just outside of Moscow, Russia over one thousand participants came together to bring the world of Warhammer to life for four days. With over 20 different races, an extensive rule book that covers every mechanic conceivable and over a dozen different camps for players to bring to life this event sounds incredible.


We’ve gathered some of our favorite photos below, but you can find all of the images in all their glory in this gallery here. And all of the information for the larp itself can be found on their website: The website is in Russian, but with Chrome it translates well enough that you can get a general idea of the details.

Were you one of the amazing participants in this larp? We’d love to get your opinion of the game in the comments.


Lastly, if there was a Warhammer larp near you, would you go? If so, what would your character be like?

The Voyage North

We can't take you to Russia to play Warhammer, but we can take you to the most immersive larp experience you've ever had....

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  1. Remedy September 9, 2016 Subscriber

    So, I was a participant of the game. Played as one of the dwarf engineers guild of barak-varr (one with red sleeves on final photo of cannon crews). To be honest, the game was AWESOME. Creators, masters group “Craft” are truly great in their field. The bastion (central to the game rules) was built balanced as well as nice and convenient. Most of the races has their own core people groups, who go to the WHlarp yearly in similar roles, like high elves, us, dwarves, orks, rat clan mors, and most famous red-and-blue guys with emperial tank.
    All in all, experience is enhanced with pre-game hard-core building (honestly, it was reminiscent of my army service), accompanied with evening bard songs (we got our own group bard!) and beer and sometimes more alc things (for example I tasted all variety of drinks like imperial snaps (brought by guys who play altdorf expedition), undead pepper tincture (well, THAT can make you sound like a true ghoul), and famous kislev mead and councellor’s lemon-liqour.
    During 7 days we were living in tourist tents, and had to clear and flatten the place (previously really bushy and hilly area), build (literally dig and place logs in holes to make foundation for tables and walls) and form a “clan-hall” which was semi-playeable area where we met and ate (we got food centralised, and everyone got his share), and the only place where you can briefly loosen beard (there were only 2 or 3 dwarfs with natural beards in team).
    So, every game day there were several assaults on the city bastion (there were 6 of them, by technically played with one real fortification). By the way the name of the town was Orekhov, or Notenburg in emperial (we, dwarfs, call it karak-nut). In russian (and kislevitian I suppose) it is literally nut-city. So, successful assault was often followed up with a counter-attack, so we were able to hold off orks, skavens, undead, chaos and khemri untill the last day where masters made a breach in city walls and it ended up with street massacres with multiple waves of all kinds of monsters. Elves died as one, defending their quarter, humans were scattered. Personally I died by blowing up with my cannon defending our clan-hall from orks. Then, after an hour being dead, most of the dwarves shaved into slayers, and just literally slayed all the monsters. Though, remaining few ran through caves with clan treasures, so masters counted that as a survival. All in all, we lost the old city, but now it is enhabited with slayers. I guess, Orekhov is now a New Kadrin.

    As you can see the game was intense. And hella lot of fun, thanks to clever game mechanics and nice and fun people. ALSO, remark for all you guys: the game is generally foreigners-friendly, BUT be prepared for the fact that from a thousand of people only about 50 have good english skills and nearly 20 of them will be ready to roleplay in english. german and french even less. So, you can play but you have to get somebody as a translator at least in your team, and preferably play a monster race with limited communication. Or, maybe a deaf person, idk. Basically thats it.

  2. Austin September 12, 2016 Subscriber

    But LARPs with mechanics are evil, you say…

  3. Bazilis September 18, 2016 Subscriber

    Participating in this serial game since 2013. What can I say? That’s really awesome. The costumes, the atmosphere, the plots of many characteres are great, and get more and more interesting every year. This LARP is massive, it has the right atmosphere and it is EPIC sometimes. Briefly, that’s all you primary need to know. Sorry, if there are some mistakes in the text, havent been writing in English for a long time.

  4. Stefan December 12, 2016 Subscriber

    I’m a german Warhammer Larper and I would love to see this Con.
    Mostly the Steamtank and the Scaven Doomwheele look awesome crazy. 😀

    But the distance makes it really hard ..

  5. Martin May 17, 2017 Subscriber

    Hard to tell whom I’d like to play in this sort of game if it was nearby. Growing up, I loved the wood elves and high elves, but lately I admit the vampire counts and lizard men appeal to me. Looking over the rules, being a harpy would be interesting, to say the least.

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