Watch the incredible transformation of two people become their characters

The aim was to present our hobby as aesthetically pleasing as possible. The transformation shows how we are changing the role from everyday life. – OgerTeam

This video highlights the aesthetic change that takes place when becoming a character. It’s a short, but great piece showing two people becoming their character aesthetically.

The team behind the short film is known as OgerTeam, you can follow them on Facebook here, whose mission is: “We are a group of young, committed and creative people who have come together in order to implement their LARP ideas together into action can. Our projects we are trying to constantly expand and link it to new areas and perspectives.”Watch movie online The Transporter Refueled (2015)

Thanks to them for this great video and for helping to make the public’s perception of larp better all the time.

As always, show us what you’re making in the world of larp, and we’ll help you show it to the world. Pictures, videos, crafting, you name it we want to write an article about it:

What’s the most dramatic transformation you’ve seen someone take on for a character?

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