We Love Larp Girl

Kaza Ayersman, better known to many as “Larp Girl” is one of the preeminent voices on larp in the United States. For nearly the last decade her videos on Youtube have inspired countless individuals from all across the globe to learn about live action role playing, find out about incredible new games taking place and further to attend their first event.

In addition to that Kaza is truly one of the kindest, humblest and most wonderful people I’ve ever had the pleasure to meet. Her enthusiasm is a constant encouragement to me and many others. Her love of larp knows know bounds.

Larp Girl has tirelessly promoted the popularity of larp and it is in that spirit that we want to thank her for her long and hard work. As anyone who has worked creatively over the years you know that it takes time, effort, and lots of monetary investment to create the things you do. If you would be so inclined, please consider donating to her patreon via the link below.

Below is a sample of her work, but we would encourage you, if you’ve found this article by googling “Larp Girl” or browsing Larping.org to support her on her Patreon here.


Bicolline, which you can join her at each year via The Voyage North:


Armistice Arcane, which you join by visiting their website here:


And her most popular video, “Shopping for Larp Gear”:

Thank you Kaza, for your contributions to the larp community!


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  1. Alice Watson July 7, 2013 Subscriber

    Very disappointed that you guys have let The LARP Girl go. I will miss seeing her blogs on the site.

  2. LazyLarper July 8, 2013 Subscriber

    What Alice said

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