LARP Weekly Roundup 4/6/12

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Orcs, barbarians, soldiers, wizards, scoundrels and sages from around the world welcome to the Weekly roundup of all things LARP. What is larp news you ask? If you have to ask well, ah, alright, I’ll tell you. We like larping and we like what other people are writing about, talking about and generally getting excited about Live Action Role Playing. In all it’s forms. To be honest, we do like to go wild in some boffer combat, but we’re an equal opportunity larping community here. We dig some World of Darkness larp, and Steam punk, and Science Fiction, and every thing your heart can dream up. Except for maybe reenactment. We’re on the fence as to whether that’s larping. But, that’s another post on another day. Actually, we wish we had more news from other larp genres, but I digress. Larp news is about larping, anything we can find on the net worth mentioning is usually here. If it’s not, well it’s your fault. Which brings me to my next point…

This news roundup is intended to be all about what’s happening in the Live Action Role Playing world. Therefore, we want as much of this weekly segment to be about the things you’re doing, creating and making waves in larp culture and in your circles across the globe. Is your university starting a larp club? Send us the info and we’ll cover it. Got a unique event taking place for your larp group? Let us tell the story. Got the best homemade costume of all time? Send us a picture and be judged by the masses. Whatever your larp story or news is we want to feature you. Yes, you. Email to submit your news, story, picture or blog post to the weekly roundup.

  • First up, Larp Craft has a discussion on Modular versus Solid arrowheads for use in a game. The post discusses Live Action Weapons for quality arrows.
  • Thomas B. posted an article titled, “Shadowrun larp now big in Finland“. Nordic larpers are running all kinds of experimental games, like Thomas’ Shadowrun Larp (video below), and some of these games have been collected into a free book titled States of Play.
  • Anna over at Gaming as Women has posted a two part article titled A GM at any State. Part 1 is here and part 2 is here. She gives some great advice and helpful thoughts on getting started as a GM whether you’re a man or a woman.
  • Brody Condon is a unconventional performance artist who purports to use Live Action Role Play in his performances. He uses people “larping” in his performances and art pieces. Is this an interesting larp concept or does this break to many conventions of larp and move into something altogether different?
  • The Maryville Daily Forum has posted a story of some larpers in Maryville, Missouri.
  • Saint Cloud State University has a LARPing Society that recently got a write-up in their school newspaper. The LARP Society, is going through some decline, but the author gives a very nice introduction to LARP. Let’s hope they get some new members and become a thriving club.
  • ConQuest of Mythodea sends us news that they have released the details of this year’s setting. Here’s a snippet, ” Around the “Ancient Gate”, a name coined ages ago by the Iron ones, known to be a group of the most die-hard followers of the elements. It was them who enshrouded the path to the last seal that imprisons the Ratio.
    In the last year, the settlers army managed to repair the Gryffin Portal of Aeris, but failed to reactivate it fully as they were not able to solve all the mysteries. This summer it is now planned to secure all golden crystals, activate the portal controls and find and decrypt the needed zodiac signs pointing to the whereabouts of the Seal.” So, who wants to donate air miles, you know, for research…
  • Lastly, we’ve got an episode of “The Tester” titled LARPing in the park. This is a reality TV show about a bunch of people competing in various challenges to become a game tester at Playstation. After a few weeks, some contestant eliminations through various challenges the contestants are faced with creating a “larp scene” in 30 minutes. Here’s the deal though, I’m having a hard time deciding whether this should be called larping or not. I’d like to hear your thoughts after you watch the episode. I’ll put my thoughts in the comments and would love to hear you respond. Is this larping?

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