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Hello larpers, organizers and interested parties!

On larping.org, we have created a place for larpers to connect and share. Over the past few years, we have been creating easier ways to connect players with a place to play. On this website you will find many treasures much like personal stories, related memes and places to go. It took some time to understand what larping.org could be used for. We receive thousands of visits daily. Emails fluid in asking for help within the worlds of larp. We ourselves play in many stories and games. It means a lot to us, to share these experiences. Larping.org has always aspired to be a place that made larp easier to access. Something that we are happy to say is one of our successes, is our larp list. Because of it’s success, we feel happy with what we have achieved. We want to thank you for being apart of our journey and give you a better understanding to some of the changes you may see around the website!

Old Look vs. New!

The larp list has been a great success for larping.org. It has been so successful that we have decided to rebrand our entire website to highlight this feature. We wanted to create a listing that would be easier to navigate and give more access to those who use it to list their larps. This meant a completely new look would take over the entire website. Before when users came to the website they would have to navigate to the larp list. Now they will be greeted by it.


New Experience

Now, more then ever, larps owners & organizers can list their larps. They will also be able to list their events and sell their tickets. We have chosen a theme that will give power to the organizers to edit their listing through WordPress. The listing’s new features will include:

  • Hours of Operation for larps to list their schedule for events.
  • Larps can create coupons codes for events or special offers.
  • Larps can add their own facebook messager for responses.
  • Facebook can also be added to the listing sidebar.
  • Contact Form Enable/Disable for organizers to navigate their potential players to a specific email for inquiry.
  • Image Gallery are available to highlight special features of larps.
  • Easy Search for Larps with search engine designed to list larps by Genre or design and location.
  • Also includes exploring nearby events. Map showing larps and and their events.
  • List events by location, time and take payments through listing.
  • Recurring Payment for players can be set up and managed by organizers.
  • Larp organizers can claim established listings.
  • Enable/Disable Social Media Links is available to navigate traffic.
  • Email Notifications from ticket sales.
  • Confirmation Emails for registration.
  • Organizers can opt-in and to promote their events.
  • Stripe Payment plans available.
  • Mobile friendly theme.
  • User friendly listing page design for larp organizers to edit listing freely.
  • Create your own larp location.


Another feature we are going to be highlighting the voice of players! With the new theme, players will continue to be able to leave reviews for their favorite larp listings, but we are also focusing on growing our blogs. We received many larpers requesting to join our blog to create new content. It means a lot to us at Larping.org that we have the ability to promote ideas of larp from the larp community. We are hoping that we can continue to spread a positive message that encourages many to join live action role play.

What does this mean?

At Larping.org, we are hoping this means that we have made it easier for people to connect within the larp world. We wanted to create a larp listing that could offer more resources for larpers. We encourage you to explore the new look of the site. Add your larps and share them with friends! Write blogs to us to share with the world! Larping.org is here to be apart of the community. We appreciate the guidance throughout the years and look forward to many more.

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