WIP Wednesday: Arm Guard, Viking Bag, & Progress Pics

Welcome to Work-in-progress Wednesday, where the secrets of larp gear creation are revealed. We want to show off the very best of the larp community’s skills in creating custom everything. If you want your progress pics to be featured in next week’s article shoot an email to konnor@larping.org.

This week we’ve found a nice step-by-step photo set for a druidic arm guard, a gallery of larp gear in the beginning stages of production, and a fantastic video of a Viking bag being assembled. We all know not every larp is set in a historical setting, so this week we’ve also included a chair that is being built for a sci-fi larp!

The craftsman nailed the wooden carving on this arm guard, it’s very effective and is perfect for a druid!

Medieval Mayhem | youtube.com

This medieval family man will teach you how to craft a leather Viking bag, and keep you inspired all the while.

Frivolous Engineering is currently in the process of building a sci-fi simulation chair. We will watch the progression with great interest.

More progress pics to motivate those of you debating if you should start a project or not. You can do it!

Here at larping.org, we love the process. We love the dedication it takes to craft something truly imaginative! We want to show off your hard work to inspire others. Every Wednesday we’ll be showcasing the best of what we find and what you send us!

Send us your DIY projects, your hand-made props, or even your sketches so that we can share your love of the craft with the world.

Post what you’re working on in the comments below!

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