WIP Wednesday: DIY Videos And An Epic Monster Build

WIP Wednesday: DIY Videos And An Epic Monster Build

Larp Videos Galore

This Wednesday is full of cool DIY videos for your enjoyment and education! Learn how to spice up your weapons and armor and check out an awesome monster build. Have you recorded your creative process? Share your videos, tutorials, and stories about larp gear in the comments below!

Not Too Hard To Handle

This quick tutorial teaches you how to create a corncob braid. This kind of braid can be extremely useful, especially if you have a weapon with an uncomfortable handle. Try this braid out on a spear for extra grip, or decorate a flag pole with colorful cords! Whatever application you can imagine, this tutorial makes learning this braid simple and easy.  

Maille's Here!

Now for something a little more intensive. As opposed to a quick and easy braid tutorial, this video is all about creating chainmail. Now I know what you're thinking. Making chainmail is a time-consuming task! You might not have enough time to dedicate to such a project. But I hope this video will give you an appreciation for the craft!   

Not All Heroes Wear Plate

Are you a fan of cardboard creations like I am? I hope so because this DIY video is a good one! Making a glove might seem like an easy task, however, there are some specific bends and cuts that are necessary to make a comfortable fit. This creator shows you exactly how to create a glove that has a tailored fit. I'd love to see a whole suit of cardboard armor made with this much detail!

I Wouldn't Want To Fight This

Have you ever encountered a monster during a larp battle? It's intense and pretty terrifying, especially when it's unexpected! Although it's not one of our typical DIY videos, I still love sharing all kinds of works-in-progress. This video shows the process of creating a larp monster, specifically a stone golem. These kinds of projects are monstrous themselves, and take a team of people to create. Check out this team's time-lapse build, and make sure you wait until the end to see their creation in action!

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