WIP Wednesday: Featuring The Bearded Axe

WIP Wednesday: Featuring The Bearded Axe

Work Hard,
Play Hard

Here we are, back again with another Work In Progress Wednesday. Check out a neat flag pole build by The Bearded Axe, a leg wrap technique you definitely need to see, and a handmade leather badge.

Larping, like many things in life, requires balance. Everyone would love a full handmade kit, or to be the best fighter on the battlefield. But these things take time and hard work! One of the great things about larpers is that we definitely put in that work, all for the sake of the game. You know what they say, "work hard, (live-action role)play hard."

How To Make A Flag Pole With The Bearded Axe

If you haven't discovered The Bearded Axe YouTube channel yet, we hope this video will open your eyes! On top of this flag pole build, The Bearded Axe produces awesome videos with tons of larp related content. 

A Spectacular Leg Wrap Technique

This YouTube video shows a spectacular leg wrap technique. Although the video is not in English, you can still follow along! The creators of this how-to do an excellent job of showing you what to do. They walk through all of the steps to get a tight, sturdy wrap.

We think it's worth noting how larping, like music, can transcend language barriers. Larpers worldwide enjoy the same wonderful game in our own ways, even if we don't all speak the same language. 

Check Out This Hand Crafted Leather Badge

A good guild usually has an awesome crest. It's always cool to see different places that guilds display their heraldry. On gear, banners, trinkets - anywhere and everywhere, really!

This guild is lucky enough to have a member who created guild badges. You can tell the crafter has an eye for detail. Whether it's meant to be attached to a piece of gear or if it's just meant to be flashed like an FBI badge, it's pretty cool!

Deer Leather Badge
Credit: u/jakebova via Reddit.com
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