Wizards and Warriors Larp Summer Camp Video

Ever dreamed of going to a Larp Summer Camp? Well, you probably can’t, you can attend one of the many larps located near you. But you can send your kids!

A while back we featured Guard Up! and their larp summer camp for kids called “Wizards and Warriors and we just love what they do. Everything about this camp screams QUALITY! And from the looks of it a really enriching experience for kids. Not to mention they have the mostepic NPC ever! Seriously, we love their work. We hope they will start or inspire larp summer camps all across the globe.предложение по продвижению сайтараскруткараскруткавзлом почты рамблерчехол на макбуксрочные займы в москве круглосуточноtop online casino sitesfemale escorts sitesbedava casino slot oyunlarGalacasinohttps://altezza.travelhip hop братиславская

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  1. Jesse May 14, 2013 Subscriber

    Wow, this looks like a blast! Is there anything like this in the Seattle Area?

    • Jordan Gwyther May 14, 2013 Administrator

      Not that I know of Jesse. I think it would be a hit for sure. Maybe we should start a camp!

      • Mikael April 3, 2019 Subscriber

        I’m in Oregon and would go to a camp like this too, and I know others who would like that as well since it’s hard to find similar experiences over here without traveling across the country which can be quite expensive.

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